Members of the Editorial Board of the European Review of Law and International Relations

prof. dr hab. Jerzy J. Wiatr – the Honorary Rector, professor and the Head of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Theory of State and Law at the European University of Law and Administration in Warsaw.
He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology at the University of Warsaw. Professor of sociology, until 2001 he was a member of the academic staff at the University of Warsaw where he occupied, among others, the positions of the director of the Institute of Sociology and the dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences. He was the president of the Polish Association of Political Sciences (1964-1967 and 1976-1979), vice-president of the International Political Science Association (1970-1982) and the president of the Central European Political Science Association (2000-2003). He frequently gave lectures as a visiting professor at American Universities: University of Michigan, Boston University, University of California in Los Angeles, Southern Illinnois University; Canadian Universities: University of British Columbia; in Great Britain: University of Manchester, Belgian Universities (Catholic University in Leuven) and Yugoslavian Universities.
He received numerous international honors, among others, the titles of an academic advisor at the Candido Mendesa Univeristy in Rio de Janeiro (1982), doctor honoris causa at the Academy of Science and Education Development in Kursk (2000) and honorary senator at the University of Ljubljana (2006).
Since 2005 he has been a corresponding member of the European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Humanities in Paris.
He is a prolific author of scientific publications, including 42 books, published not only in Poland but also in the USA, Japan, USSR, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Holland, Italy and Hungary. He also wrote 600 articles and scientific dissertations published in approximately 30 countries.
His main fields of interest include sociology, international relations and European administration.