Following policies are applicable in the Editorial Office of the ‘European Review of Law and International Relations’:

  1. By handing over the text to the Editorial Office, the Author transfers onto the Publisher exclusive rights to its publication (copyrights and publishing rights), including publication in the LEX Programme (Wolter Kluwers Polska sp. z o.o.).
  2. Authors’ consent to publish in the ‘European Review of Law and International Relations’ includes digital version (e-publishing) and printed version (paper version).
  3. Digital version of the ‘European Review of Law and International Relations’ is considered to be the basic one.
  4. Materials presented for publication in the ‘European Review of Law and International Relations’ cannot be previously published in another journal (neither digital version nor printed) or even considered for publication.
  5. The text should be handed over either electronically via e-mail traditional mail (address: 59 Okopowa Street, 01-043 Warsaw, 4th Floor). In the second case mail should include readable data carrier (e.g. flash drive) with digital version and one-sided printed paper version.
  6. In case of an academic article its volume should not exceed 30,000 characters (including spaces and annotations). In case of a commentary its volume should not exceed 15,000 characters (including spaces and annotations). If the written text exceeds a given volume, the Editorial Office reserves the right to propose shortening the text or its division into parts.
  7. After accepting the text for publication the Editorial Office has the right to conduct preparations concerning editing, typography, linguistic aspects, etc.
  8. Every scientific article has to include English title, summary in English and Polish (approximately 800-1000 characters with spaces), bibliography of addenda and key phrases (in English and Polish), furthermore it has to include personal information about the author (academic title, profession, affiliation, ORCID number, e-mail address, phone number, etc.) and a statement confirming that the article has never been published before and that the Editorial Office of the ‘European Review of Law and International Relations’ is granted the exclusive rights to its publication. In case of co-authorship obligatory information and statements are required from all the authors.
  9. The name of the quoted author, the title, the internet address and the date of access has to be included in the case of referring to other digital publications.
  10. Every text handed over to the Editorial Office will be subjected to fully anonymous (double-blind) review procedure including external reviews in accordance with the recommendation of the Ministry of Education and Science. Positive review is a basic premise to publish the text.
  11. Every received text is being subjected to due diligence process including the aspect of authors honesty and reliability; if violation is determined (e.g. ghost-writing, guest authorship) the text won’t be admitted to print.
  12. Royalty payments are not applicable for publications in the ‘European Review of Law and International Relations’.